Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

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Football fans will have the chance to get an up-close look at the new crop of NFL rookies this Saturday, April 30, live on YouTube. We’ll be hosting an exclusive live stream of the 2011 NFL Players Association Rookie Debut party, beginning at 10pm ET live from Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. The live stream will be on the NFL Players Association’s YouTube channel here:

Former Pro Bowl running back/kick returner Brian Mitchell and three-time Super Bowl champion linebacker Willie McGinest will host the party, with appearances from dozens of football players from the past, present and future - including St. Louis Rams running back and Super Bowl champion Marshall Faulk.

Some of the expected attendees (and high draft picks) include: Blaine Gabbert, Patrick Peterson, and last year’s Heisman winner running back Mark Ingram of Alabama and linebacker Von Miller of Texas A&M.

Check out the live stream during the event for exclusive backstage access, interviews and performances - then return to the channel later for plenty of on-demand coverage of the event.

Enjoy the party!

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This Sunday, May 1st, at 1:00am ET / 9:00am CET, people across the globe will be able to attend the Beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II via a live stream on YouTube. The live stream of Pope John Paul II’s Beatification will be available on YouTube’s Live browse page at (, a YouTube channel created specifically by the Vatican to celebrate the pontiff ( The channel contains hundreds of videos documenting his pontificate. The stream will also available through the Vatican Player ( which will be on several other Catholic sites that link to it.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the Beatification ceremony in person in Saint Peter’s Square. In addition, the YouTube live stream will enable an online audience across the globe to hear and see the ceremony at 1:00am ET / 9:00am CET.

At 2:00am ET / 10:00am Pope Benedict XVI will preside over Holy Mass, culminating in the Beatification of Pope John Paul II. The live stream will end at 4:45am ET / 12:45 CET with the weekly Marian Prayer, where Pope Benedict XVI will give a personal message that focuses on the Beatification of Pope John Paul II.

When the stream has ended, the entire ceremony will be uploaded on, giving both those who missed the beatification, and those who saw it, a chance to witness the ceremony on YouTube.

The YouTube Team

This May, NYLON’s Young Hollywood issue comes to YouTube for the second year in a row. Visit the NYLON channel for coverage of the hottest young stars including Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Chloe Moretz, Lucy Hale, and not one, but two Harry Potter witches. Check out exclusive interviews only seen on YouTube and behind the scenes footage from the NYLON photoshoot, and here's a video to get you started:

For their Young Hollywood issue, NYLON magazine visits film sets all over the world and shoots the newest screen stars just as they're beginning to blaze. With NYLON + YouTube's Young Hollywood videos, you can:
  • Learn about Scream with Emma Roberts
  • Get a boxing lesson with Rory Culkin
  • Go behind the scenes at a fashion shoot with Chloe Moretz
  • Howl with the cast of MTV's new show Teen Wolf
  • Go backstage at The View with Hayden Panettiere
  • Watch Lucy Hale try out some of Spring's biggest beauty trends

From Harry Potter's Nataia Tena to Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka and The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham, you'll see the next generation of stars like never before - up close, personal, and with a killer rock 'n roll soundtrack. The Young Hollywood issue is also on stands now!

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Our consumer marketing team here in Brazil has a slogan: Go where the passion is. And in Brazil, there are few things people are more passionate about than Carnival—an annual spring festival that incorporates parades, music and dance in an enormous, nation-wide celebration. This year, our team of five decided to tackle a huge challenge: take the party global by launching a Carnival channel on YouTube and live stream a full six days of coverage to the entire world.

When we began the project in October 2010, we knew we had to work quickly and efficiently if we were going to have this ready five months later—especially since we were such a small team with big goals for a brand new project. One of our biggest obstacles was figuring out how to bring the true Carnival music experience to YouTube—not just a few shows here and there, but really capturing all of the celebrity performances, parades and spontaneous street dances that occur all over the state of Bahia during the six days of celebration. We quickly realized we were going to need a lot of support on the ground in order to coordinate all of the logistics, such as camera placement, so we enlisted the help of more than 100 freelance professionals. Another challenge was orchestrating video translations so people in other regions could share in the excitement in their native language, which we did by asking Googlers to put their 20 percent time toward the endeavor.

On more than one occasion, I thought we were in way over our heads, but when I saw the famous Brazilian singer, Ivete Sangalo, streaming live on YouTube in a performance broadcasted to more than 15,000 cities in 200 countries worldwide, I knew we’d connected the world with the passion of the Carnival.

Despite the chaos involved in organizing the live stream, the results of the project were well beyond our expectations. During the six days of Carnival, people from 200+ countries watched more than 11 million views of the live stream and 21,000+ subscribed to the YouTube channel. As a small team with big goals—and the resources and freedom to achieve them—we aim to remain as nimble and efficient as we were during Carnival, with people’s passions as our guide to projects that will have the biggest impact.

Posted by Lauren Pachaly, Consumer Marketing Manager, Brazil, recently watched "Harmonia do Samba's Carnival performance of Uma Chance."

Congratulations to The Slow Mo Guys, who took an early lead and went on to win this month’s edition of On The Rise, the program where you decide which up-and-coming YouTube partner gets a spot on the homepage. The Slow Mo Guys will be featured on the YouTube homepage today, thanks to your support and votes.

A quick history on The Slow Mo Guys: Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy have been experimenting with high-speed cameras since 2004. Whether documenting birds of prey swooping, droplets colliding, or the effects of taking a ball to the face, these friends take on the world at a slower pace.

Here’s more from The Slow Mo Guys themselves:

"I have loved watching stuff in slow motion ever since I was a kid. I used to watch fight scenes from movies frame by frame on VHS so I could see all the action. When I got the opportunity to work with high speed cameras I saw this as my opportunity to film as many things as possible in super slow motion. I have been doing it for about 6 years now as a profession, but only recently got a computer powerful enough to deal with such massive files for my own show! Looking at things in slow motion makes you realise what you actually miss out on when you see things at "human speed". Sometimes you see something completely unexpected, sometimes can see how stuff works and sometimes stuff in slow motion just makes you laugh! It has been a great honour to participate in YouTube's On The Rise contest. I would like to thank everyone who voted for us and to welcome all our new subscribers!" Gavin Free

If you’re enjoying our monthly blog series and want to see more rising YouTube stars, head over to our “On The Rise” channel and check out our playlists on the browse page. Check back next month, as your channel may be the next one featured!

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YouTube World View has traveled to North America, Europe and the Middle East to offer you the chance to interview the most powerful leaders in the world. Today, we’re introducing our first World View interview with an African leader, Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Starting now, you can submit questions to President Kagame on any topic, like Rwanda’s economy, technology policy, how the country has grown over the 17 years since the genocide or the issue of regional integration. You can also ask questions as wide ranging as issues related to the future of Africa and its young people. Go to to submit your question via video or text, as well as vote on your favorites.
You can also tweet in your question - make sure to use hashtag #askkagame in your tweet, and it will automatically be added to the World View queue.

On May 5th, the President will sit down for a special interview with Khaya Dlanga, a YouTube partner and one of South Africa’s leading video bloggers. During the interview, President Kagame will answer a range of the most popular questions submitted by you. The deadline to submit your question is May 3 and the final interview will be available on May 7.

Ory Okolloh, Google Africa Policy and Government Relations Manager, and Ramya Raghavan, YouTube News and Politics Manager, recently watched “Karim Massimov: A Question for World Leaders

Update 5/18: The interview time has been moved to 6:00am ET on Thursday 5/19, and can be seen on

UPDATE 5/13: Pending the launch of STS-134 on May 16 at 8:56am ET, this interview will be conducted on Thursday May 19 at 7:24am ET. Check here for more info.

UPDATE 4/29: NASA has scrubbed the launch attempt today due to a technical problem. We'll provide an update here on the live streamed launch and live interview, and you can follow NASA updates here.

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We’ve always jumped at the chance to bring the wonders of space a little closer to home. We’ve announced a Moon office, a Moon race and an expedition to Mars, and brought many nooks and crannies of the universe to Google Earth—Sky, Moon, Mars, NASA images and a Hubble tour, to name a few.

On Friday, April 29, the crew of STS-134 will launch into space for the final mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour and we want to give you the chance to connect with them. On May 2, NASA Commander Mark Kelly and his crew will take your questions live from space on YouTube. PBS NewsHour will live stream the interview from its YouTube channel with veteran space reporter Miles O’Brien curating and asking your questions to the crew.

Starting today, you can visit to submit a video or written question for the crew of STS-134 to be used in the live interview and vote for your favorite questions. You can also submit questions on Twitter with the hashtag #utalk2nasa. Don’t be shy—if you’re most curious about how to prepare for a spacewalk or wondering if the astronauts have a speech prepared for an extra-terrestrial encounter, this is your chance to find out. Here’s a video from PBS and Miles O’Brien to inspire you:

A few suggestions before submitting your questions:
  • Video questions are preferred, and should be a max of 20 seconds long
  • Speak clearly and film in a place with minimal background noise. Keep the camera as still as possible and ask the question directly to the camera
  • Look through NASA videos on YouTube about STS-134 to learn more about the mission and crew

You have until Saturday April 30 at midnight ET to submit your questions. The top ranked questions will be used in the live interview on Monday, May 2 at 2:15pm ET / 11:15am PT.

To get the full experience of STS-134, you can also watch a live stream of the shuttle launch on Friday April 29 starting at 3:47pm ET at Both the launch and the interview will be available for archived viewing.

Houston, we’re ready for lift-off.

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It’s Tuesday, and music fans, we’ve got a feast for you. We’re featuring one full-length album premiere and two innovative videos -- one of which is an exclusive premiere on YouTube. But don’t worry -- we’re not ignoring the great music hitting the streets this week: albums from Steve Earle, EmmyLou Harris, Of Montreal, Prefuse 73 and more. We’ll have a playlist of the week’s freshest sounds later this week; be sure to check back to to watch it.

Michael Stipe and Jim McKay Pick Their Favorite Videos
R.E.M. premieres their new video “Every Day Is Yours To Win” on YouTube today. The video, a pastiche of clips found on YouTube a la Kutiman, was co-directed by Jim McKay (you may know him from his work on a little HBO show called The Wire). It’s an exercise in humanity, finding and treating with great kindness the surprisingly intimate moments uploaded to YouTube. In honor of its release, longtime friends McKay and R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe assembled a captivating playlist of their favorite YouTube videos; find it on the homepage today.

Blitz the Ambassador “Native Sun”
“Live from Accra city, that’s my city, that’s beyond what they call gritty.”
When Chuck D gives a shout-out on your record (“It’s not where you from; it’s where you at....”), you could say you’ve made it as a hip-hop artist. Ghanaian-born Samuel Bazawule may not be a household name, but if his new album “Native Sun” is any indication, he should be. “Native Sun” is one of the most organic marriages of African music and hip-hop we’ve heard -- an effortless release that incorporates Afrobeat, highlife and kora music into old-school hip-hop. It’s a warm and danceable record with a social conscience, and it speaks to anybody who’s lived between two cultures -- as more and more of us do. We’re thrilled to premiere it a week before the release date.

Jib Kidder’s “Blue”
When we read an interview with Sean Schuster-Craig, aka the audio/visual artist Jib Kidder, in which he talked about his video-making ethic as an extension of the dream world, we were hooked. (“Dreams are like a collage made by your subconscious out of the raw materials of your inner experience,” Schuster-Craig told a blog earlier this year.) His music is a collage, too: a folk-art endeavor made from the found sounds of our digital world. Both the song and video for “Blue” repurpose material from his label’s archives, and they are meticulously crafted and strangely full of heart.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Foo Fighters. Wasting Light Live from 606.”

Are you a film festival fanatic? Do you love keeping up with the latest indie hits? Are you at least somewhat interested in hearing David Duchovny voice a polar bear that’s BFF with Leonardo DiCaprio? Of course you are!

Since not everyone can make it to New York City for the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival, YouTube, Tribeca and American Express have teamed up to bring the festival to you.

From today through May 17, check out the YouTube Screening Room for short films from both past and present Tribeca Film Festivals. Here’s a snapshot of the first set of films you’ll see:

The Beaufort Diaries

Beaufort is just a small town bear, living in a lonely world... What happens when an arctic refugee finds himself adrift in LA-LA Land? Behold Beaufort's rocket rise to stardom, his inevitable crash and burn, his enduring, inspiring friendship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and his painful journey to redemption and bear-awareness.


Jeremy has been in love with his best friend, Evelyn, since before he can remember. He decides to profess his love for her through a simple, thoughtful letter… but there's a strong chance they will never see each other again.

Ignorant Bliss of the Sun and Moon

The Ignorant Bliss of Sun and Moon follows a down and out Everyman as he cycles between bouts of self-destruction and momentary bliss. When luck finally comes his way, his life is at least momentarily transformed and he's finally able to realize something useful on earth.

Loose Change

Just because you don't remember, doesn't mean you forget. A Brooklyn tenant is in for a big surprise when his senile landlord finally remembers him.

Mr. Stache

Mr. Stache always believed he had an inner mustache. Now he’s wearing it on the outside. Where it makes way more sense....Mr. Stache is the 2010 winner of "My Movie Pitch," a contest launched by American Express on YouTube to help bring unique independent movie ideas to life.

Check out the YouTube Screening Room again on April 29 to catch the next installment of Tribeca award-winning short films.

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Last week we sent an email to Google Video users letting them know we would be ending playbacks of Google Videos on April 29 and providing instructions on how to download videos currently hosted on the platform. Since then we’ve received feedback from you about making the migration off of Google Video easier. We work every day to make sure you have a great user experience and should have done better. Based on your feedback, here’s what we’re doing to fix things.

Google Video users can rest assured that they won't be losing any of their content and we are eliminating the April 29 deadline. We will be working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube. In the meantime, your videos hosted on Google Video will remain accessible on the web and existing links to Google Videos will remain accessible. If you want to migrate to YouTube now, here’s how you do it:
  • We’ve created an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status page. To do this, you’ll need to have a YouTube account associated with your Google Video account (you can create one here). Before doing this you should read YouTube’s Terms of Use and Copyright Policies. If you choose this option, we’ll do our best to ensure your existing Google Video links continue to function.

If you’d prefer to download your videos from Google Video, that option is still available.

As we said nearly two years ago, the team is now focused on tackling the tough challenge of video search. We want to thank the millions of people around the world who have taken the time to create and share videos on Google Video. We hope today's improvements will help ease your transition to another video hosting service.

Posted by Mark Dochtermann, Engineering Manager, just watched "SJRI: Stanford Juggling Research Institute," which he recently migrated from Google Video to YouTube.

Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

Check back every day for the latest about what's trending on YouTube at:

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On July 24, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their day to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. From over 80,000 submissions, executive producer Ridley Scott and Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald have crafted a 90-minute feature film that paints a surprising, moving and entertaining portrait of the world today.

The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and was simultaneously live streamed here on YouTube. However if you missed it, or want to see it again on the big screen, worry not. National Geographic will be bringing ‘Life in a Day’ to theaters around the US on July 24th, 2011 - the first anniversary of the day the movie was shot.

To whet your appetite, the official trailer for ‘Life in a Day’ has just gone live.

For those outside the US, stay tuned for information about international releases in the coming months, and remember, you can subscribe to the official ‘Life in a Day’ channel to be the first to hear news and updates from the team.

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The first signs of spring around YouTube HQ include the return of our Live Green program, presented by Garnier Fructis, which kicks off today.

Whether you’re seeking out natural beauty tips, healthy menu options, or recommendations on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you’ll find plenty to inform and inspire you at this specially-curated destination. Think of Live Green as a well-tended garden, planted with great video content from our top eco-focused partners.

We’ll be adding more content to Live Green through the coming months, so check in often and see the many different ways that you can take positive steps for yourself and your world at

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It’s Music Tuesday, and new albums are hitting the shelves from Gorillaz, Eliza Doolittle, Lenka, I’m From Barcelona and many more artists this week. Over here, we’re still recovering from the epic cascade of music that was Coachella. Relive the festival -- and check out this week’s offerings on

Record store clerks cut loose in YouTube
Before there was YouTube, people went to record stores to discover new music. The good news is, they still do -- and record store clerks remain some of the best tastemakers out there. So we’re starting a new, occasional series in which we invite influential independent music sellers to share their favorite videos with us. We kick off the series just days after Record Store Day with Amoeba Music, California’s premier tune-peddlers. They share their own original content -- who doesn’t want to find out what’s in ?uestlove’s shopping bag? -- as well as other awesome video finds: salsa great Celia Cruz in Africa, Miles Davis in action, and an excellent, weird video from psych pop outfit the Fresh & Onlys.

Coachella Highlights
You’re back at work, you’re rehydrating, you’re massaging your neck after craning to see Kanye float above the crowd...or chances are, if you weren’t in the desert in Indio, California this weekend, you might have been checking out the music festival live on It was an epic event, and with cameras on three stages, there was so much to see it was almost befuddling. But in case you missed it, guess what? We’ve got highlights.

Vacationer “Trip”
And now, notes from the underground. This video showed up in our inbox last week -- we’ve got very little information on the band, Vacationer (except that they’re from Brooklyn, natch), but when we heard the glitchy-but-catchy, flat-shoed sound of “Trip,” we started to get hooked. Then there’s the guy moon-walking next a waterfall in the video, plus exotic birds showing off their plumage in slow motion. Trust us; this is entrancing.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “DaVinci - Blame Game.”

If you travel abroad frequently, you know that charging your electronic devices is not always an easy task. Power adapters for cellphones and computers don’t always fit into local power outlets, meaning you have to pack converters. Think of video on the web in a similar way. Currently, there are countless devices used to record videos and hundreds of different video file formats. Even more, certain web browsers that you use to view video online only accept certain ‘codecs’ - or programs used to encode, transmit and playback video files - and others require plug-ins (converters) to integrate the video file with the browser.

Despite these complexities, one of our key aims is to deliver great content to you wherever you are - regardless of device, browser or other technical specification, so you never have to remember that complicated “power adapter converter” to watch a video.

To that end, all new videos uploaded to YouTube are now transcoded into WebM. WebM is an open media file format for video and audio on the web. Its openness allows anyone to improve the format and its integrations, resulting in a better experience for you in the long-term. As we work to transcode more videos into WebM, we hope to reduce the technical incompatibilities that prevent you from accessing video while improving the overall online video landscape.

Transcoding all new video uploads into WebM is an important first step, and we’re also working to transcode our entire video catalog to WebM. Given the massive size of our catalog - nearly 6 years of video is uploaded to YouTube every day - this is quite the undertaking. So far we’ve already transcoded videos that make up 99% of views on the site or nearly 30% of all videos into WebM. We’re focusing first on the most viewed videos on the site, and we’ve made great progress here through our cloud-based video processing infrastructure that maximizes the efficiency of processing and transcoding without stopping. It works like this: at busy upload times, our processing power is dedicated to new uploads, and at less busy times, our cloud will automatically switch some of our processing to encode older videos into WebM. As we continue to transcode the remaining inventory, we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

In keeping with our goal of making videos universally accessible, we will continue to support H.264 as an important codec for video on YouTube. We are also committed to continuing to develop our HTML5 video player that we announced last year, and if you’d like to join the opt-in trial, you can do so here.

The world of online video is incredibly complex and dynamic. Yet, our goal is to ensure that nothing stands between you and the great content you’ve always enjoyed. We’ll continue to invest in new video technology that improves the experiences for all users, builds a better infrastructure for online video, leads to greater access of information and spurs continued innovation.

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As the historic day approaches, the much-anticipated wedding of Britain's Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton has people around the world buzzing with excitement.

While millions will be in London for the big day, it's clear that people around the world have wedding fever. Google search trends show that in addition to the UK and the US, the top ten countries searching for “Royal Wedding” include places like Singapore and the Philippines. In response, we've been working to make as much of the big day as possible accessible to everyone. We previously announced the expansion of our Google Earth 3D imagery to offer a “Royals’-eye” view of the entire wedding procession, complete with 3D images of iconic landmarks and five species of digital trees that can be seen along the route.

Today, we’re thrilled that the Royal Household has just announced that footage of the entire ceremony will be live streamed on their official YouTube channel:

The live stream will begin at 10:00am BST (9:00am GMT, 2:00am PT, 5:00am ET) on Friday, April 29, and will follow the wedding procession, marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey and balcony kiss. Alongside the live stream, The Royal Channel will also feature live blog commentary of the event to give timely updates and insights as the day unfolds. For those of you in different time zones, the footage will be reshown in its entirety directly following the event and will be available in full on the site to view afterward.

You don’t have to wait until the big day to "attend" the wedding, though. A video guest book has just been opened on The Royal Channel for anyone in the YouTube community to upload messages of congratulations, inspiration or well wishes to the happy couple.

More than 50 years ago, the marriage of The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, and Antony Armstrong-Jones was the first royal wedding to be broadcast on television and had over 20 million viewers. This one is already heralded as the first of the Internet age, where for the first time in thousands of years of royal history, the moment will be captured online and preserved forever.

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Of the most watched YouTube videos in 2010, two of the top 10 were advertisements, showing that more and more advertisers are creating video campaigns that strike a chord with viewers, sending them viral. Advertising Age and Visible Measures take a look at what campaigns are going viral every week as part of their Top 10 Viral Video Ads Charts, but when you look back on 2010, who comes out on top?

Last week, the Ad Age Viral Video Awards selected 10 video ads from across a variety of verticals to receive awards such as the, "Make a Dull Industry Fun" campaign and "Best Brand Jacking of a Global Sporting Event". All of them put theYouTube platform to work in innovative ways and are fantastic examples of how brands can engage viewers. Check out a sampling below, and for the full list of awards, go here.

Best Video-Only Campaign - BlendTec: "Will It Blend?"

Best Viral Mockumentary - Hi-Tec: "Liquid Mountaineering"

Best Video Advertainment - Red Bull: "Way Back Home"

Kate Rose, YouTube Communications, recently watched, "Opening Ceremony Blog - Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma."

The strength of the YouTube community lies in its creativity. Often this takes the form of memorable original content, such as Rebecca Black’s recent hit song / music video, Friday.

However, as the Rebecca Black phenomenon demonstrated yet again, this creativity also lies in the community’s ability to produce parodies, mashups, and remixes of well-known original content. In fact, if you love Rebecca Black, thanks to the YouTube community’s endless ability to riff on popular memes, there are a number of examples of Friday-inspired parodies. Here’s one from funnyman Conan O’Brien, which has close to half a million views:

Why are YouTube users like Conan allowed to produce parodies of Rebecca Black’s original song?
Fair use.

Fair use is a legal term that grants creators an exception to the strict copyright that the original content owner controls -- in layman’s terms, it’s the idea that as long as the use is “fair,” someone can reference part of someone else’s work for parody, scholarly reasons, or more.

What constitutes “fair use” is a complicated issue and one that we get asked about quite often. So we’ve asked two leading experts from the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, Anthony Falzone and Julie Ahrens, to help answer your questions.

Falzone is the Executive Director of the Fair Use Project and a lecturer in law at Stanford Law School. Ahrens
is the Associate Director of the Fair Use Project at Stanford Law School. As litigators they have defended everyone from video game makers, to writers, to artists (including Shepard Fairey) against copyright claims.

Using Google Moderator you can ask Falzone your questions about fair use and vote on other questions. They will answer a selection of the top-voted questions via video and we’ll post it on this blog on Monday, May 2. Question submission closes April 21. Ask your questions here!

Will Houghteling, YouTube News and Politics, recently watched “The Path to Prosperity

One of the biggest music festivals of the year kicks off today, and you don’t have to be camping in the desert to catch it.

Starting today at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET, YouTube will webcast the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival directly from Indio, California to your computer -- without the 98 degree heat! Thanks to 5GUM, Coachella and YouTube, the world will have a front row seat to over 60 acts being live-streamed all weekend long at

Tune in to watch sets by some of the biggest names in music, as well as the bands that have critics buzzing. The lineup is nothing short of astonishing: Kings of Leon. Cee Lo Green. Mumford and Sons. The Strokes. Duran Duran. The National. Nas + Damian Marley. The Black Keys. Ms. Lauryn Hill. The list goes on.

But don’t just take our word for it: check out what the bands themselves have to say about why they’re psyched to play Coachella, and what acts they’re dying to see.

If you miss the live stream, be sure to check out highlights on Coachella’s channel next week. And get ready to rock!

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Coachella 2010.”

Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

Check back every day for the latest about what's trending on YouTube at:

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Tomorrow, Friday, April 15 at 2:30 p.m. PT/5:30 p.m. ET, YouTube Presents! Duran Duran live from YouTube HQ. Watch as the band discusses their pioneering role during the early days of music videos, talks about some of their personal favorite YouTube videos, and answers questions from fans. The event will be broadcast on Duran Duran’s YouTube channel.

If you miss the live stream, don't sweat: the Q&A will be rebroadcast on Duran Duran’s channel immediately after it finishes.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “US Income Gap Widens.”

YouTube remains committed to protecting original creative works, whether produced by an established star or the next breakout artist. To keep this commitment, we’ve worked hard not only on powerful tools for copyright owners, but also to encourage good behavior from our users.

Because copyright law can be complicated, education is critical to ensure that our users understand the rules and continue to play by them. That’s why today we’re releasing a new tutorial on copyright and a redesigned copyright help center. We’re also making two changes to our copyright process to be sure that our users understand the rules, and that users who abide by those rules can remain active on the site.

If we receive a copyright notification for one of your videos, you’ll now be required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which involves watching a copyright tutorial and passing a quiz to show that you’ve paid attention and understood the content before uploading more content to YouTube.

YouTube has always had a policy to suspend users who have received three uncontested copyright notifications. This policy serves as a strong deterrent to copyright offenders. However, we’ve found that in some cases, a one-size-fits-all suspension rule doesn’t always lead to the right result. Consider, for example, a long-time YouTube user who received two copyright notifications four years ago but who’s uploaded thousands of legitimate videos since then without a further copyright notification. Until now, the four-year-old notifications would have stayed with the user forever despite a solid track record of good behavior, creating the risk that one new notification -- possibly even a fraudulent notification -- would result in the suspension of the account. We don’t think that’s reasonable. So, today we’ll begin removing copyright strikes from user’s accounts in certain limited circumstances, contingent upon the successful completion of YouTube Copyright School, as well as a solid demonstrated record of good behavior over time. Expiration of strikes is not guaranteed, and as always, YouTube may terminate an account at any time for violating our Terms of Service.

It’s ultimately your responsibility to know whether you possess the rights for a particular piece of content before uploading it to YouTube. If you're at all uncertain of your rights or whether a particular use of content is legal under your local laws, you should contact a qualified copyright attorney. Of course, the easiest way to avoid any potential issues is to create totally original content -- perhaps by making the most of the creative tools available on the site.

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José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, currently serving his second term as the Prime Minister of Spain, has made some bold choices during his time in office, like removing Spanish troops from the war in Iraq and legalizing same-sex marriage.

Now, he’s taking your questions, about these issues and others, as the first Spanish-speaking participant in the YouTube World View interview series. On April 27, Zapatero will sit down to answer the top-voted questions submitted by citizens from around the world in an interview streaming on YouTube.

The questions are already coming in. For example, Curiso in Madrid, asks, "After the disaster of Fukushima, do you support the closure of nuclear plants in Spain? What are the energy alternatives?" while Juan is curious whether the state will “come to the rescue of thousands of families who have no means to pay their mortgages?"

What are your questions for the Spanish prime minister? Submit them in text or video to before April 22 and they could be asked.

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Every month, we identify four channels that are experiencing big gains in subscribers but haven’t yet reached the 100,000 mark. Then we ask you to vote for your favorite. We’ll reward the winner with exposure on the YouTube homepage and the videos channel as well as posts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s all about giving a kick start to the next generation of Partners who will go on to do big things on YouTube. Past winners like emilynoel83, justjesse197 and joshsundquist have seen their subscriber numbers jump, thanks to your support.

This month, our nominees are all artists of one kind or another. They may express it in pen and paper, slow motion film or beehives -- but each, in his or her own way has something unique to say. Check them out, and then cast your vote in the upper right-hand corner of this blog by April 20; we’ll announce the winner on April 28.

If you’re looking for portraiture, look no farther. The 22-year-old California-based artist known as PacificPastime can conjure up just about any celebrity with just a few colored pencils and a piece of paper. Her sped-up videos make it look a bit like magic.

The man behind outofabluesky, McCartney Taylor, has a thing for meteorites and engineering. But when it comes to bees, he’s really in his element -- offering short videos on everything you need to know about a hobby that’s become wildly popular in recent years. Bring on the honey!

Hollywood Bubble Inc. is a Hollywood-based production company led by Ruben Garay and Jimmy Sereno. The guys produce a short film each week as well as tutorials on how to replicate big-budget action scenes yourself -- on no budget at all. They invite the community to post their efforts as video responses and reward them with feature spots.

They claim they’re lazy, but The Slow Mo Guys seem to be anything but. They gather equipment and set up situations to film, then slow that film down to show you how the intricacies of how matter actually behaves: tiny revelations in slow motion.

If you’re inspired by what you see here, check out other up-and-coming Partners by visiting our On the Rise channel, which features nominees, trending partners and winners. Look for more featured rising partners on the Browse page.

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Indian Premier League may only be four-years old, but it’s quickly become the hottest new addition to the world of cricket. And again this year, YouTube is bringing you all the action straight from the pitch of this superstar cricket extravaganza.

In partnership with Indiatimes, fans can watch games as they happen, view entire past matches, and enjoy highlight clips of all 74 matches on Indiatimes’ YouTube Channel ( This fourth instalment of IPL should be even more exciting than last year as two new teams Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala have joined the fray to battle it out with the eight veteran squads for the title.

The 51-day tournament kicked off Friday night with the returning champion Chennai Super Kings besting the Kolkata Knight Riders at home. That very first match and every other game of the IPL season will be webcast globally on YouTube (Note: 5 minute delay in India, match-length delay in U.S.), and the full-length videos of each match will be made available soon after they pull up stumps and retired to the pavillion. And this year everyone can watch the catch-up videos and highlights on their mobile phones as well as their computers.

So tune in as the match is happening. And if you missed a match (or want to watch in a more friendly time zone), view the whole thing later in the Past Matches tab at And since this is YouTube, you can always share, rate, and comment on videos throughout the channel, or upload your own video responses to the action.

So get ready for another big season of bouncers, leg breaks, and sixes. It’s going to be a fun 51 days.

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This week, the music world is practically groaning under the weight of so many new releases. There’s something for everyone, from Paul Simon to Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Foo Fighters to Del McCoury and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (!). We can’t cover all the bases, but we can point you towards some good ones.

TV On The Radio curates and premieres the “Nine Types of Light” film
TV On The Radio are one of indie rock’s most idiosyncratic and, dare we say it, magnetic bands. Their constantly evolving sound and restless desire to push the envelope has made them an endlessly interesting act whose albums regularly top critics’ year-end lists. So it should be no surprise that their new release “Nine Types of Light” isn’t just an album -- it’s a film, too, featuring ten different directors and interspersed with man-on-the-street interviews conducted by lead singer Tunde Adebimpe himself. The full-length video LP premieres on YouTube today, along with Adebimpe’s singular playlist of his favorite videos, complete with a gently deranged introductory video that will have you at hello, if you’re weird like us.

Hip-Hop at Coachella
So, there’s a little gathering in the desert this weekend. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? No, we don’t mean Burning Man. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has evolved from a low-budget, low-visibility gig into a must-play event on a level with SXSW. You might say it’s this country’s Glastonbury. And while the festival has always flown its flag for indie rock, hip-hop is starting to find a foothold. Case in point: Kanye’s headlining on Sunday. Check out what other hip-hop acts will be on offer this weekend.

Dengue Fever “Cannibal Courtship” album premiere
And, last but not least, we have a full album premiere this week from L.A.-based band Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever began life as cover band of sorts, filtering 1960s Cambodian rock through an indie rock lens with the help of the otherworldy, ethereal-voiced Cambodian vocalist Chhom Nimol (the band’s not-so-secret weapon). Over the course of four albums, the group has evolved from imitation to original songwriting, and at their best they marry the familiar with the foreign in wonderful ways. Part psychedelic rock, part punk, part Ethio-jazz -- now with vocal harmonies! -- the group’s sound can be a heady brew. Fast forward to “Uku” at 8:32 to hear their potential fully realized, or just savor it from start to finish.

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Each year, the global sex slavery market generates $32 billion in profit, while the average age of American girls who are forced into prostitution is only thirteen. Today, some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood are speaking out against this injustice, and they’re turning to YouTube to make sure the world hears them.

Through the DNA Foundation, an organization spearheaded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, a number of stars from Jessica Biel to Edward Norton, Justin Timberlake to Jason Mraz, are launching the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” video campaign. Watch the first episodes from the campaign here:

The campaign also makes use of YouTube annotations to help you join the movement and action against child sex slavery.

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As sports fans know, LeBron James is one of the most talented players in the NBA, with a combination of all-around skills the game hasn’t seen since Magic Johnson. Eager to show he’s more than an athlete, LeBron has developed an original animated series called The LeBrons that debuts on YouTube this week, sponsored by HP and Intel. Check out the first episode here:

Born from a Nike campaign that was very popular on YouTube, The LeBrons features four versions of James: Kid, Athlete, Business and Wise. The show is intended for young audiences but has references and scenes for basketball and music fans, too. Subscribe to his channel here and watch for more episodes, coming weekly.

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Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

Check back every day for the latest about what's trending on YouTube at:

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With over 2 billion views a day, it's easy to think about YouTube as a place to watch videos recorded in the past. But you’ve told us you want more - and that includes events taking place right now. In response, we’ve live streamed a number of popular concerts, sporting events, and interviews, but primarily on a one-off basis.

Today we're announcing the initial roll out of YouTube Live, which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time. This begins with a new YouTube Live browse page (, where you can always find the most compelling live events happening on YouTube and add events to your calendar. Subscribe to your favorite YouTube live-streaming partners to be notified of upcoming live streams on your customized homepage.

Today, we'll also start gradually rolling out our live streaming beta platform, which will allow certain YouTube partners with accounts in good standing to stream live content on YouTube. The goal is to provide thousands of partners with the capability to live stream from their channels in the months ahead. In order to ensure a great live stream viewing experience, we'll roll this offering out incrementally over time. Partners interested in learning more about the livestream experience can check out today's post on the Partner Communications Hub.

So head over to to check out some of the live streams taking place over the next few days. And don’t forget to tune in to the The DigiTour live stream tonight at 7pm PST. Log in to engage with live streamers and the rest of the YouTube community using our live comments feature. As always, let us know what you think of YouTube Live in the comments below.

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You’ve subscribed to them by the millions, commented thousands of times on their videos, and “liked” them over and over - and now you can see them live, in a city near you. The stars of the YouTube music world are hitting the road for The DigiTour, presented by YouTube. It’s the most comprehensive concert series yet featuring exclusively the stars of the YouTube music world - performers with one billion combined views and more than six million subscriptions.

The DigiTour will run for six weeks across 27 cities in North America, bringing together talented artists who got their big break on YouTube. Artists like Dave Days, The Gregory Brothers, David Choi, DeStorm, MysteryGuitarMan and Ricky Ficarelli will bring their unique sounds and high energy acts to the big stage - and you might also get to discover some new YouTube acts. To give you a taste of what’s to come, the nationwide tour will be previewed with a special live-streamed concert from Google HQ on Friday, April 8, from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. PT. Tune in to to watch the event.

After their first official stop in LA, the tour will hit Phoenix, Oakland, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Washington D.C, New York City, Detroit, Chicago and many other cities. Tickets are on sale now at

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

If you’re a YouTube Partner in any of the concert cities, stay tuned for more information on YouTube’s new Creator Clubs initiative that we’re starting to roll out across the country. To make it easier for YouTube Partners to stay in touch and collaborate, we’re helping Partners to organize their own Creator Clubs events to share information and ideas, and the club will kick off in each of these towns as The DigiTour visits. We hope some of our newer Partners will be inspired by seeing their YouTube heroes on the big stage.

For more information on The DigiTour lineup, updates and ticket information, visit or follow them on Twitter here. Buy your ticket today!

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It’s no secret that YouTube is home to a burgeoning number of musicians who nurture their talent with the help of the online community. Over the years, we’ve developed ways for musicians to get more engaged -- with us and with the community. But often, at the end of the day, it’s the musicians themselves who create their own opportunities. Sometimes the most interesting work comes from people who sharpen their chops by covering the big names...until that fateful day when they branch out and start writing their own songs.

This month, we’re featuring four music partners who embody that spirit. Some, like garrethdavis and rosafrancescamusic, are young musicians honing their craft in the public eye. Rosa came to our attention for her subtle renderings of Joanna Newsom songs; we were thrilled to discover she also writes her own. The Dublin-based Garreth snagged our attention with his Everything Series, which sees him regularly uploading songs-in-progress about everything from love to the Irish elections.

The ceaselessly charismatic Todrick Hall seems to be most inspired when he’s paying homage to the chain stores that are ubiquitous in our lives -- and he delights in choreographing real-life Glee moments in which people break out into song in the middle of Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, Joseph Raciti is proving to be as talented at his choral audio quilts as he is with his piano-driven pop songs. (Joseph’s currently at work on his second musical, which he plans to release on YouTube.)

All of them are adding their voices to the cacophonous chorus that is YouTube -- and we treasure them for it. We think you will, too.

If that’s not enough music for you, check out our other features this week: a playlist from French electro-pop sensation Yelle (flanked by android bodyguards from outer space, apparently) and an amazing new video from Israeli phenomenon Kutiman, the artist who crafts songs using YouTube videos as his source material. Prepare to be stunned.

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